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Caption Contest Winners!!!!!

Thanks for your Caption this Picture:

PvZ Meme 3

Which one is your favorite?

1st: Bdejean - Peashooter tries to shoot down Dr. Zomboss's hovercraft, but is unsuccessful. Wall-nut rolls at it, but doesn't even make a dent. Sunflower used Sunny Day! The weather became sunny! Sunflower used Solar Beam! Dr. Zomboss was knocked out! Dr. Zomboss happened to be flying right over the Grand Canyon when this happened, and so Crazy Dave falls to his death, along with Dr. Zomboss. The end.

2nd: Cat-a-pult - He is captured and held in Dr. Zomboss's lair.

3rd: FarmerZombi - my saucepan! this is crazy!

4th: 104-epsilon - i think he brainwashes him and let him become a crazy zombie

5th: A Wikia contributor - They start to eat his brain, but it's so crazy, they make the garlic face and go insane.

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