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Caption Contest Time! (Just in my IMAGINATION!!! :P!!)

Hi! Guys!

I'm always imagine this picture I draw.... 

I was imagine about the Level 10 map, Grey Matter Gardens...  This make me decorating my own town!! :)!! I'm always imagine that Matilda has a crush on Crazy Dave.. XD!! I love that part! :P I was draw them in my sketch.... and they're picnic at Grey Matter Garden... :P

Okey! Let's start:

MM's Drawing(Just Imagination!)

I draw this.. So confusing!! XD

Story: Everyone having a pinic at GMG.. Crazy Dave also join too! He just napping in his pinic blanket... After that, Dave awake, Matilda is on Crazy Dave's Back... She just surprize him a Taco she made for him... :P

My Caption(Princess Kitty's):

Crazy Dave: Wha? Matilda? What are you doing here? and why you're at my back??

Matilda: Hi, David! I just want to give this..

Crazy Dave: A Taco!?

Matilda: Yes! It's your favorite! I made it for you! :D 

Sunflower: (Giggling) Oh.. Gosh! XD!

So... What do you think about my drawing?

or What is your caption, Guys?

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