Hi, Everyone! :)

Yesterday, in PvZCC chat,

I've heard about PvZ Fan Wiki Sites, like PvZCC, PvZ Fan Fiction and PvZ Roleplay wiki.

And Sun Flowers are the best! give me this screenshot: [[1]]

You guys must get some of your ideas from the fan wiki sites onto your computer!

To: Ariq1144 and The Zombie O.OI'll get your cool fanfics from PvZ Fan Fiction Wiki into my computer! :) Then I'll make into comic strips! :)

Hey User:IMCR8Z  and my Fan game made team!: :) My game will continue to make for online! :) and I'll make my own designs myself! :) Thanks!

NOTE: BUT, I'm not Sure it is TRUE... I was feel so sad when I've been heard about some of wiki site and other cool stuff will shutting down... :(

I HOPE this must be joke...