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Asking for Dr. Zomboss

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Dr. Zomboss: Are you create the zombies or are you just thier mater? Are you really a zombie or a scientist who paint himself grey? First of all, I raise the zombies from the dead, second, Skitty created me to help her revive any dead and eaten fish. She didnt know what i was capable of... Ummm..... No, I prefer using my large robot on trying hard to beat you! Why don't you just keep chucking RV's and fireballs? Um, I only made a bullet and pea proof armor. I forgot that its weak to vegetables. Have you seen an evil mastermind without a big juicy brain? Yes, in fact. I have. no. I dont. And Who is Cyrax? How many areas have you conquered already? I havent conquered [you]'s house yet. Hey you! I destroyed your "mighty giant all-powerful" robot with plants! PLANTS!!!! thats our little secret? ok? Little secret? All of us here whooped your behind with FRICKIN PLANTZ!!!!! (shoves Melon-pult in his face) Get that thing away from me! Hey, you know Cyrax? If you don't, I recommend you meet him! Trust me, you two make a GREAT EVIL TEAM! ...but then again... Ok. Then I'll eat his brain. you have a pretty big brain yourself. Haven't those zombies noticed you have a BIG... LUXURIOUS... JUICY DELICIOUS TENDER BULGING MOUTH-WATERING BRRRAAIIINZZZ???? Oh this thing? Oh its just pink clay. Its not really a brain. .... (VIOLENTLY pokes the "brain) What are you doing? .... (tries to pull the brain) YOU SURE THIS IS CLAY??? It feels squishy and slightly wet... eww.. I'll give you a giant Doom-shroom. How 'bout that? Traitor! (pours clay dissolving acid that does not affect flesh on the 'brain' and watches it dissolve) Noooooo!!!!!!!

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