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April 23, 2012
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  • Ponponchakachaka

    Some ideas will be posted here. Feel free to add your own.

    Crabapple Sun:125 Recharge: Slow Weapons: Shoots out seeds like a starfruit, but with 8 shots. When the zombies get too close, a crab claw comes out of the apple and cuts zombies, doing 5 damage. Attack speed: peashooter Appearance: An angry apple.

    The Tree of Wisdom Sun: 300 Recharge: One allowed. Weapons: If your ToW is a certain height, it will be stronger.

    1-10 ft: Peashooter with 2 damage

    11-30 ft: Butter blasting

    31-50 ft: Butter with double fire rate.

    51-75 ft: Melons with Peashooter fire rate

    76-100 ft: Melons with Repeater fire rate

    101-200 ft: Winter Melons with Repeater fire rate

    201-500 ft: Buttery Winter Melons that do 6 damage and Repeater fire rate

    501-1500 ft: Buttery Winter …

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