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Gargantuar abilites

I honestly think that the Gargantuar Prime shouldn't be the only zombie with abilities.

My ideas

  • The AE garg should summon an Imp Mummy in a sand tornado, or a Pharoh Zombie to make AE more difficult
  • The PS garg's shark may be wet, so it could have a 3x3 radius splash of water per smash, and the water could slow down plant firing for a limited time. I think this ability could be temporarily stopped by fire attacks, as fire attacks may disintegrate the wetness for a bit.
  • The brand of the WW garg seems very warm, so it could maybe launch a fireball that would damage, or maybe instakill, the plant it was aimed at. Maybe this ability could be stopped for a bit with chilling?
  • I honestly don't think the DA garg needs an ability, as it is grouped with such op zombies.

If anyone else has ideas, please tell them to me.

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