Shamesless lament about DA and BWB haters

I'm serious. What has happen to the people who played the game lately? All I see is rant, rant, rant and rant. And the worse part is that they can't respect other people's opinions. This has been going since Dark Ages Part 2. Especially Miles, he's changed so much that he constantly bash at people for liking DA and BWB and making those pointless rant blogs.

Miles, you once respect other people's opinions before, now you are just too different. The only reason people are defending it is because you give up too easily. No offense, but I miss the pre-Dark Ages Miles better. If you compaining about this so hard, then complain it to Popcap, not here. This wiki is to bring peace, that rant blog you recently only make things worse on this wiki. I've always think of you as a friend, and I still do. After all, what would Rainbow Dash do? As for anyone who hate DA or BWB, keep the opinions to yourselves instead of turning it into a bloody arguement. And don't say that they're a fact, to me, they are still opinions that clash with each other. Seriously, this is 1.7 all over again, only it has been longing for months now.

Just so you know, even if Popcap mess things up, or making the levels too hard, the levels themselves are possible to beat, don't bash at me for saying this, but this is fact, why? Because Popcap would not try to make impossible levels. I remain loyal to Popcap, and there are some who still does. After all, it is what Rainbow Dash would do.....I've been trying my best to let people see that the world is not a dissapointment, I've even made a blog to say something before it was released, then again, no one paid attention. The game is still free-to-play, I will still like it no matter what. So does some who are here.

One last thing, it is still pointless to be angry at this game, it's just a game. It's not even IRL. You think BWB or DA is hard? Try looking at Five Nights at Freddy's Custom Night mode when everything is set into 20? You think it's easy to beat that. And it's not just the Custom Night. The main 5 nights also need some hard strategy to win it, so does the recently released FNaF2. When you play PvZ (the original), you think it's easy at first? No, it's not. After I played it for a few times, I have got the hang of it. The same goes for PvZ2. The levels may be hard, but once you played it a couple of times, regardless of how many times it took, until you found the perfect strategy, you eventually get used to it.

And Miles, please realise on what you are doing. If you can stop spreading your hatred for BWB and DA to the wiki, the people can stop 'defending it' from you. You need to calm down. I want to see the old you, the one I'm always familiar with. If I ever want to go to the wiki, I want to see the whole new you, I expect a personality that I expect from an admin, or B-crat of the wiki.

Sincerily, your friend.