So, as you all heard, the second part of the 6th World of Big Wave Beach is coming soon, so I'd like to say something. Before BWB, there was Dark Ages, which was also released in two parts. While the first part is favourable, the second part, however, apparently dissapointed the players for only a few reasons: short levels, short number of plants, etc. But the most main reason is that it is hard. So, I need to say this: Is it actually Popcap that made it hard, or is it the environment itself?

If DA was a daytime world, would it be slightly easier? The same goes for BWB. the only thing that made DA and BWB hard is because of the environment. DA is a nighttime area, so basically, sun won't fall from the sky, that makes it harder? So? It's the same feeling I had when I played Night in the original PvZ game. As for BWB, it's the water. In Pool, there is only water in two lanes, but in here, it's on all lanes but only at the left side. So, the water, plus needing to plant Lily Pads, makes it hard. That could explain why BWB Day 16 is hard as heck. But, still, these levels are NOT impossible to beat. I replayed DA Nights 11 - 20, and I worked hard on a revised strategy. These levels are possible to beat. So to say, I just don't want people to think BWB is a dissapointment. So, Part 2 of BWB would be expected to be hard. In my opinion, coming up with a lot of strategies is the fun part (except Day 16 of BWB). So, I would say that people have different views of fun.

I don't know how hard it would be for BWB Part 2, but I am quite interested on how Popcap can make it. Especially with the new zombies and plants. That's all I have to say.