I just thought I made this, just to scale which is the most OP thing to happen in BWB.

First off:

Surfer Zombie

This guy, yeah, he moves fast and he insta-kills plants with his surfboard. And when he dies on land, the surfboard still insta-kill plants. An original idea gone horribly wrong. Once you get Hurrikale though, it's not so bad. OP Power: 40

Octo Zombie

Basically a Wizard clone or descendant. Or maybe his descendant, idk. This guy with the 6-pack abs bind plants with octopi. Unlike the sheep, these octopi can actually be destroyed, though as a drawback, they cannot die if the Octos die, prompting players to destroy these octopi themselves. The fact these Octos take abbout 44 damage to be killed, yeaaah. But if you have Rotobaga or Starfruit, I think it's not hard to beat it, especially with Rotobaga. A spam of Rotobagas destroy the octopis fast with their rate of fire. Also, they float on water, making them useful in BWB. Still, Octos could use a nerf. OP Power: 60

Fisherman Zombie

A King Zombie clone except he is more dangerous. This zombie pulls plants from a far-away distance and is only rendered useless by the Infi-nut's shield. With the shield in place, other plants can hit it, especially Laser Beans and Banana Launcher. OP Power: 60. Fighting it won't be hard, however.............

Imp Mermaid Zombie

...............WORST. Imp. Ever. I'm not saying this because I have a long hatred against Imps. No, while Imps are weak, their specialized Low Tide ambush....yeah. You know it. Every single time, the Imps would spawn with lots of strong zombies, mostly Bucketheads, especially if the player was doing good in a level of BWB or Tiki Torch-er. I know, I've been in those situations. I was playing Tiki Torch-er out of boredom. I was doing good with forming my strategy against the Octos and Surfers until the Imp Mermaids showed up just to F things up. "Want to block the fishermen? Too bad, the Imps will spawn with bucketheads and eat through the barrier like cakewalk. Want to fight all of the dangerous zombies? No problem. Oh wait, Low Tides are there to F things up and ruin your day" is probably what I would say, but I'm not an idiot. So I just keep my feelings to myself. But this doesn't change the fact: the most OP thing in Big Wave Beach, is Low Tides. Basically: OP Power: 80.

Even if the plants are buffed and the zombies are nerfed, the Low Tides will still bring misery, ESPECIALLY in BWB - Day 16. How to solve it? Nerf the Low Tides. Simple as that. I might do Dark Ages. IDK. This is just my opinion after all.