I've been wanting to do this.....Okay. So, I'm giving my impressions of both PvZ and PvZ2. Wondering why the original is counted? Well, it's because, I feel like I want to. Here goes....

Plants vs. Zombies Impressions

When I first play this game, I immediately loved it. Many interesting plants and zombies. Plus, the Imps are a less threat in this game, unlike PvZ2......So, yeah. The most cutest plants I see are Blover and Sun-shroom. Most used is the..........everything? Huh, I don't really have a most used in the original. This was the day when the sun is still 25 (PvZ was once before 1.7). Allright, next is the levels.

Day - I liked it because of the music. Plus, it's one of the very first levels of the PvZ franchise. That is all I have to say

Night - When I first played this, I had a hard time against Dancing Zombie. That was the time I still used Sunflowers, until I decided to use Sun-shroom and it went better than expected. This was the time when Mushrooms sleep in the day and are awake in the night.

Pool - Splash! Um, (ahem), sorry 'bout that. I liked it because of the environment, plus, it has 6 lanes. I liked using Lily Pads and Tangle Kelps, but I gotta admit, I had trouble with the Zomboni before. But it's a great area.

Fog - Okay, this may sounds crazy but, I like Fog. I mean, sure, it's frustrating when you can';t even see a zombie. But hey, you got the Blover and the Plantern at your disposal. But I usually set up Sea-shrooms, Sun-shrooms, Puff-shrooms and Scaredy-shrooms, boy, pretty hard, if only Plant Food exist in here. When I first played it, I had a hard time with the Balloon Zombie, I was too stubborn to use a Cactus at that time, boy, did I make a huge mistake.

Roof - I love this one. It's one of my favourites and the music is interesting. Dave is pretty much right, those zombies are a persistent bunch. One of the zombies I had a hard time with is the Bungee Zombie, the Catapult Zombie and the Gargantuar. On the days where Plant Food doesn't exist, Gargantuar is HARD to defeat. A real challenge, it was until I look it up on the wiki that I need to kill it with two instants so, yeah, that's what I did. Also, I loved the Zomboss Boss Battle (took me several times to win though).

So, that it's for the original, now for the second one.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time Impressions

I guess you could say (puts sunglasses) it's about time we reach this topic

Okay, sorry, just wanted to do that .:P So, anyways, like the title said, I'm gonna give my impressions of the game so far. First of all, I also liked it when it was pre-1.7. Yes, the map design is okay. The Post 1.7 is okay too, but I can see why stars are removed. Call me crazy, but I liked that the sun is now 50 in total (trust me, you need it to stay like this, otherwise it would be harder to use Magnifying Grass). And I don't really think it's going downhill, if I say so myself, thinking of many strategies and trying again and not giving up is the fun part of playing the game. The time-travelling concept is amazing, so are the plants (I have no least favourites). And I'm glad Popcap decides to give the option to change costumes, while I have no grudge against these costumes, it's more fun playing the game with the plants in their original form. While I loved this game, there is only 1 issue: IMPS. God, they're so annoying, even their laughter is annoying. Everytime they show up, they cause trouble to my lawn. Mummy Imp and Bug Bot are not much of a threat but the Bull Riders, the Imps Pirates, Monk, Dragon, Mermaids (ugly), my god!! So freaking annoying!!! (sigh) wonder BWB Day 16 is hard >_<. Sorry 'bout the outburst, another issue is the people's reaction, some people liked this game, but then I saw I bunch of naivetes, few are complaining about how hard it is, I have no problem with that, but I do have a problem if they say after they have the least number of tries, see, this is why I never have least favourite plants. I win in those levels because I liked to use all of them. But concerning those people, they even claim this is pay-to-win and like Shroomy (no offense), raging about premiums and calling Popcap greedy, only because of the 'EA bought Popcap' thing....Guess what, excuse my outburst, I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!. Oh god, they are so naive, that I want to simply comfront them and say "Hey, enough! You are not even trying! You are not doing any good if you keep raging about these minor issues!!". Sure, DA and BWB is hard but, still, this is what we call keep trying until you get it right. I've replayed DA Part 2 with a better plan. I've played BWB using my strategy too, heck, I win Day 13 by only using instant-kills, Sun Beans, Lily Pads and Twin Sunflower, it's not hard if you think of a good strategy, though I agree on the fact that Day 16 should, again, have it's difficulty decreased. (sigh) Sorry for acting immature but this is how I feel everytime I see the raging reviews in the Google Play Page. Conserning the Premium Plants, they are made so that Popcap can make money, sure, they used fan-favourites, but they are nicer enough to give stronger plants and in the recent update, a premium plant that cost gems. This is nothing to rage about, honestly, people just like to overreact over virtual stuff -_-. And I know about the George Fan issue, but there is still a truth on that one, I want to find that truth, cause I still trust Popcap. Even if the truth comes out in a bummer way, I'd still trust Popcap. Okay, I'm done, so let's start my impressions on the world (god, this is the longest intro I made)

Player's House - It's a real nostalgia to day, even remixing the music itself. What a classic, from 2009. The music is one of the reasons I like to play Pinata Parties, I was a little dissapointed that the music did not play during the 1.7 update and I am glad it is fixed during the 1.9 update.

Ancient Egypt - Raaaaa........I gotta say this is cakewalk. The Bloomerang is interesting and cute, at first I though it was female until I look at the Almanac me, an appearance like that makes Bloomy look like a female. The Iceberg Lettuce is (puts sunglasses) 'cool'. YEAAAAH, okay, sorry. The Bonk Choy packs quite a punch and his PF Ability is awesome and useful. Speaking about that, this is the era when Plant Food are introduced. That also included Power-Ups, I love to use them since it's part of my arsenal.

Pirate Seas - Arr! Me impressions on this world is bit mediocre. Okay, enough pirate talk. The Pirate Seas is an interesting world. The Coconut Cannon fits the theme since pirates use cannons in their era. And of course the mediocre part, is the Imps Cannons. They are always the ultimate reason I lose my record on Dead Man's Booty. UGGGH!, I never forget the many times they caused that.....THe Zombie Parrot, they're a pain in the next but at least Blover can blow them...oh wait, I need to play FF to get that, so yeah, I have a bit of a struggle with the parrots.

Wild West - Son, you gotta hear some impressions 'bout this here world. It's a bit hard considering the amounts of carts and tracks. The Peapod is an interesting plant and it's cute too. The Lightning Reed it interesting, the Chilli Bean is good. The most useful plant I ever got in this world is the Winter Melon, which first appears in the original as an upgrade to Melon-pult. I've used it in every Endless Zones (when I said every, yes, I used it in Arthur's Challenge). The Chickens are a bit frustrating, but a punch of Bonk Choy and the shock from the Reeds can deal with them....But the Zombie Bull Rider...always the reason I lost lawnmowers in Big Bad Butte.....

Far Future - I am very, much excited for this world because it's the one we all have been waiting for. The levels are great, the music is cool, then new plants are awesome. The Laser Bean is awesome, so is Citron, Tile Turnip and the Magnifying Grass, which I use for a strategy in DA Part 2. The only hard part of the game is the Gargantuar Primes. The Bug Bot Imps aren't much of a threat to me.

Dark Ages - Ye Impression of thy world has cometh......Okay, so basically, this world gets a LOT of issues from the people who played it. First is the Wizards, one of the most OP zombies in history, his ability to change the plants to sheep has been troublesome, his only counter is the recently released Ghost Pepper. I like Wizard's design, though I don't like that he's changing my plants into sheeps. But honestly, the only threat which I extremely hate is the Imp Monk Zombies and the Imps Dragons! Let's just say it has something to do with the Necromancy Ambush and coming along with other zombies in Arthur's Challenge. But...I still loved it. Even with harder zombies, I still actually loved the world, because the fun part is that you keep coming up with useful strategies. And I don't see any issues with it only have 20 levels. In my own opinion, I call it unique for having the shortest amount of levels, but hey, it could be worse. It was originally going to have 16 LEVELS, 4 less levels than the final version. Sure, there are only 5 plants, but hey, never look a gift horse in a mouth. It was worth playing because I was able to get Magnet-shroom. But overall, I loved it.

Big Wave Beach - Hang Ten dudes...The most recently, released Part 1 of the world. It is my favourite world and once again, the Imps become annoying. Seriously? Imp Mermaids, at first I thought it was crossdressing until I read the almanac entry......I've never seen a mermaid this ugly....So, basically, again people got issues with this world. Like I said, keep trying. Honestly, what does the Magnifying Grass exist for? It can kill a freaking Basic Zombie with one hit. Lily Pads are essentials, since we actually need it to plant land plants on it, though I do question the fact the Potato Mines can now be planted on Lily Pads....The Tangle Kelp design is good. The Bowling Bulb, I know this sounds crazy but I liked it. It's PF Ability is still powerful, even after it is (slightly) nerfed. Plus, it helps other plants to finish off the zombies with their richoceting shots damaging the zombies (my view) and I used it on combination with Tile Turnip. And the Ghost Pepper, it's a great plant. She's cute and terrifying, she haunts those zombies to death. Plus, she's a counter to Wizards, though I have a bit of a problem with an early setup in higher levels of AC, I have reached 200+ so it's kinda hard to make an early setup, I'm still trying to perfect the Ghosts vs. Wizards Strategy....The only level that needs it's difficulty decreased is Day 16, honestly, I can't play it normally if those Imps Mermaids keep trying to troll me...>_<..I'll be waiting for Part 2 , the harder it gets I guess, but hey, you'll get used to the first 15 levels of BWB if you keep trying.

So, that's all of my impressions. Before commenting, please put some thought into it. I don't really like the people commenting with CAPS Lock plus exclamation mark just because of a disagreement thing, makes me sensitive.....So, here's one last thing to say: What is the next world after BWB, that is a mystery, a mystery which will be revealed in the codes of the next update....

Anyways, nice talking to you guys about this. I'm sorry if this blog offends you, all of these are just my opinion.