Before I go on with this blog, I made the 'What happened?' blog during last year after I saw Mile's rage on BWB Part 2 blog (The first one). Truth to be told, if I remember correctly, there were constant arguings in that blog. I thought I could do something to stop the arguing between haters and likers of BWB. I know, I've said a lot of things like "why do people give up with BWB " or some other shiitake mushroom and stuff, but that was before I completely understand the concept of balancing. I'm still new to the whole game development thing (I took a game design and animation course in my college)

In an all, I ended up in an arguement with Icey. And I must admit, some of my comments does seem like they're deformatory, but I forget things, so I hardly remember some of my previous comments from the past months. And the things I said about bringing peace to the wiki, I'm actually serious about that. I truly am. Despite what I said, I couldn't do anything for peace to do that. The reason I act like that is because of my previous experience in other parts of the internet, most prominently Cheezburger. I'll be honest, when he said I should be blocked for making deformatory comments, I kinda, got heartbroken, not in a lovey-dovy way, but.....well, I'm kinda sensitive. I couldn't let go of the time I made that blog. I've been keeping it for long, and truth to be told, I wish I never argued with Icey back then. Even if I want to bring peace, I'm not even able to do it. And that was last year. I wish me and Icey put all of those agruements in the past and move on. I have slightly matured from that. Besides, I've already given up on bring peace myself thing. If I want to do it, I want to do it with everyone else here, this wiki seems like it's going on the right direction after that....incident. In other words, past is in the past. Now on to the review.

Lost City Impressions

I found the world to be more enjoyable than the last. The sun tiles are great mechanics, especially for starting a defense. The zombies and plants are balanced. Even though there is no exclusive Brain buster, the word itself, it still fun. The music are absolutely amazing. I gave it a 10/10 rating, and it's just Part 1. I'll state my opinions on the plants, levels and the zombies down below





To be completed