Since Frostbite Caves is now completely released, I've played Day 17 - 30 less than an hour and I wanted to do a review. I actually wanted to do this after I played the levels a few days ago but I am focused on completing college projects. Without furder ado, time to give my review:


  • Day 1: Easiest level, like any other first days (or night in Dark Ages' case)
  • Day 2: Hot Potato is introduced here. Also easy.
  • Day 3: A bit of Hurrikale and Spikeweed can finish off this level.
  • Day 4: Hunter Zombie is another Wizard, but done right. I have no problem with this level.
  • Day 5: So that's Pepper-pult? Also, Bonk Choys :D
  • Day 6: Hurray! Got Pepper-pult :3.
  • Day 7: Oh great. Yeti Imps. The time variant of my most hated zombie. How wonderful. ( Sarcasm )
  • Day 8: Snowstorm Strike eh? Hmmm, ok.
  • Day 9: Another Imp (Dodo Rider Zombe) and......I actually like that Imp...for once, and Imp that is not so annoying.
  • Day 10: I know I've seen videos but when I use Chard Guard myself, it's a different experience than just watching it on Youtube. Chardy has become my new favourite plant.
  • Day 11: Got Chard Guard :D
  • Day 12: Last Stand eh? A couple of Pepper-pults and Chard Guard would suffice.
  • Day 13: Flowers in the back? This is gonna be too easy.
  • Day 14: This is a very cool level (no pun intended)
  • Day 15: The most easiest SOS level I've ever played.
  • Day 16: This is actually hard, but not as hard as BWB - Day 16 (Freakin' LOW TIDES!)
  • Day 17: I am actually afraid of what Troglobites might do but after watching the videos nad playing this level myself, he's not a big threat like him. Guess I was oversold on that fact.
  • Day 18: Stunion is even better than I expected. Stuns zombies in an area? Count me in :D
  • Day 19: Got Stunion :D
  • Day 20: Finally, an Endless Zone (been waiting a month for it :3)
  • Day 21: Fire Peashooter Special Delivary. This level is definitely hard but not that hard.
  • Day 22: Weasel Hoarders and Ice Weasels...they're not too hard to fight as long as you got Snapdragon. Plus, I have time to react before the Weasels are released. I actually used Lightning Reed in this level.
  • Day 23: Endangered Chard Guard??? Also, why did the Snowstorms go all the way to where Chardy is? o_O
  • Day 24: I am also scared of ridiculous objectives, since they're half the reason BWB is hard (the other is Low Tides). But to be honest, I didn't expect this world to have the least amount of non-Brain Buster objective. Plus, this is one of my favourite objectives: "Produce ____ sun".
  • Day 25: That's Rotobaga and...oh my is so cute. And she is very useful too. My new favourite plant.
  • Day 26: Got Rotobaga :D
  • Day 27: Immediately when I saw Rotobaga as the SOS plant, I thought "I will protect those Rotobagas". This level is pretty hard compared to other levels. Otherwise, not as hard as BWB.
  • Day 28: An army of Fire Peashooter, Snapdragon and Wallnuts are sufficient.
  • Day 29: Another Locked and Loaded level eh? Bring it on!
  • Day 30: Boss battles are the reason I wanted to play Dark Ages and BWB, and Frostbite Caves is no exception to that reason. This level is the most easiest Zombot battle.
  • Icebound Battleground: I admit, the name Icebound Battleground is much more cooler (again, no pun intended) than Frozen Fear. The name is relatable, since the lawn of FC is in fact a battleground. This EZ is pretty hard for a world which is pretty much balanced. Also, the Yeti Imps are freakin zombie-spawn magnets like the Imp Dragons!


Hot Potato

I never expect it to be a 'she'. I mean, I didn't even realize it's a she. Oh, right. (ahem) So, this plant is pretty much a useful plant in Frostbite Caves. Mediocre recharge, thawing plants, all with a cost of 0 sun. Also, the perfect counter for Troglobites.


This plant is okay. It helps me a lot. I don't even care if it has a Sluggish recharge, it's one of the counter for the Hunter Zombie.

Chard Guard

My favourite plant ever. Pushing back multiple zombie 3 times? Very useful. I even used it againts the Low Tides.


I know that premium plants aren't meant to be part of the world but they technically promote the new worlds. So Hurrikale is no exception. Plus, he makes fighting Kings and Surfers slightly easy.


I never actually liked onion IRL but this plant is very useful, to me at least. Stunning zombies in an area, basically the 'Iceberg Lettuce of Frostbite Caves'. The PF ability could use a buff though.


She is, no doubt one of the cutest plant I've ever seen. Helps me taking advantage of the Slider Tiles as seen in the Dev Diary. In another note, I never expect it to female. I previously assume it's female because of it's feminine looks.

Fire Peashooter

I don't really care if the name is unoriginal. I love this plant. The PF ability is strong, even after the nerf (deal with it). She instantly become my new favourite plant. Also, I think it is very helpful with strategies of Icebound Battleground to pair it with Winter Melons.


Cave Zombies, Conehead Cave and Buckethead Cave

Basic and Coneheads are typically easy. Bucketheads are slightly hard to tackle with but are owned easily with the strongest plants.

Cave Flag Zombie

Once again, do you even zombie?

Hunter Zombie

So basically another Wizard but actually done right. Miles is right about one thing: how did Wizards and Octos get past beta-testing? I assume that the beta testers were absent during development of DA and BWB, I mean, that is the most logical reason, right? But Hunters are balanced Wizards, so now I'm waiting for the nerfs of Wizards and Octos (it's a possibility, I mean, they did it with Garg Primes. I get the feeling I shouldn't repeat what I said in a past few months)

Yeti Imps

Not much of a threat but still annoying. That laugh...ugh. Also, a freakin' zombie-spawn magnet in Icebound Battleground.

Blockhead Zombie

I get the feeling that this zombie and the Knight Zombie are distant relatives.

Dodo Rider Zombie

I can't believe I'm saying this, but...I actually like this Imp. It's not annoying, it's fun to battle with. Also, this Imp never do that annoying laugh. I know the Imps in Disco-tron never do the laugh but they're still annoying. Dodo Riders are a different story. Definitely more fun to fight with than the Bull Rider....Is it wrong for me to like a variant to a zombie that I've always hated for every single world? Is it?


I was afraid of what this zombie might do, but after FC Part 2 is released, he's not a bigger threat like Wizards and Octos. He's actually interesting and fun to fight with.

His look is similar to Octos and...wait a minute, it's almanac entry mentions Big Wave Beach, Octos and Troglos have the same body model and abs. They have leotard-designed apparel.....Troglobite is Octo from the past! O . O (

Weasel Hoarders

Another female zombie. It seems we're getting more female characters in this game. Also, why does some people want to ship her with Chicken Wranger? They could be pretty much distant relatives.

Ice Weasels

I actually like this zombie more than Chickens. Why? Because despite being slightly OP than Chickens, they are slower and also gives me time to react to setting up an attack. It took Weasle Hoarders 2 -3 seconds to release the weasels compared to Chicken Wrangers, who released Chickens in less than a second.

Zombot Tuskmaster 10, 000 BC

With the excpetion of 10, 000 BC, I actually like the name. This a very cool (once again, no pun inteded). zombot. Also, a bit too easy to fight with. Come on Zomboss, you were a strong opponent in the previous worlds, what happended man?


  • Main Theme: Liked it.
  • Ultimate Battle: The most epic UB remix I've ever heard.
  • Demonstration Mini-Game: It returns. Also cool remix (no pu...y' know what, never mind....)


Overall, I love this world more than BWB. As much as I loved the previous worlds. Frostbite Caves has become my most favourite. I love it. It's amazing. It's awesome. I'll give it: 9/10.

Feel free to comments below. And remember, these are all my opinions, so no need to argue over small things.