Title says so. :P. Just to make it clear, I know there are majorities that didn't pass BWB. This is just to give my review, that is all. Anyways.....


  • Day 1 - Cake. Well, it's a basic level.
  • Day 2 - 3 Flags? Well, at least it's cakewalk.
  • Day 3 - Chomp Chomp. Lost some lawnmowers while playing it.
  • Day 4 - Freakin Imps and their annoying Low Tide ambush. At least it's beatable.
  • Day 5 - I'm basically spamming Tangle Kelps.
  • Day 6 - It's really fine. Plus, it introduces a new objective.
  • Day 7 - Can't remember (true story :P)'
  • Day 8 - Technically, I love bowling so this levels's ok.
  • Day 9 - A four flag level?
  • Day 10 - The bulb is Over.......yeah, I think I shouldn't use that joke, especially when people find it UP.
  • Day 11 - Worth the win. I got a Bowling Bulb.
  • Day 12 - My favourite tyoe of Brain Buster.
  • Day 13 - I just bring instant-kill plants and Lily Pads. Overall, it's beatable.
  • Day 14 - Hmmmmm,
  • Day 15 - Thank god the Magnifying Grass exist in this game.
  • Day 16 - Basically, it would have been cake if those Imps never stop bringing trouble. It's beatable, though it is luck-based.
  • Day 17 - somewhat cake....
  • Day 18 - I'm spamming Guacodiles.
  • Day 19 - Woah nelly!
  • Day 20 - Again, it's thanks to the Magnifying Grass. At least I got Guacodile.
  • Day 21 - Fair enough
  • Day 22 - I bring an Infi-nut to this level. Beatable, I suppose.
  • Day 23 - I'm launching bananas in this level.
  • Day 24 - Lost some lawnmowers, at least I won.
  • Day 25 - Took me a lot of tries. After that, I finished it (like a bawz)
  • Day 26 - I'm basically spamming Bananas
  • Day 27 - Worth the win of this level. At least I got the Banana Launcher.
  • Day 28 - All hail the glory of Magnifying Grass (yeah, I should probably stop the Mag Grass thanking comment, otherwise, this level is beatable, though it is hard)
  • Day 29 - I sacrificed some lawn mowers.
  • Day 30 - I won this level in one try..... :/
  • Day 31 - considerably easy.
  • Day 32 - I beat it on the first try. Surprisingly, didn't lose any lawnmowers.
  • Tiki Torch-er  - Low Tide ambush basically make it even harder (darnnit Imps!).


  • Lily Pad and Tangle Kelp - I'm glad to see these two again.
  • Bowling Bulb - I actually liked this plant, even after it is nerfed. Though, I can understand why it is nerfed though. Still, a good combination with Tile Turnips.
  • Guacodile - last resort
  • Banana Launcher - No zombies can escape from this banana.


  • Pompadour Zmbie, Bikini Zombie and their conehead and buckethead variants - easy to beat
  • Beach Flag Zombie - pffft, do you even zombie?
  • Snorkel Zombie - I remember the first time I fought this zombie in the first game......
  • Surfer Zombie - Not so tough when Magni is around.
  • Deep Sea Gargantuar - I actually like the design. No biggie.
  • Imp Mermaid Zombies - Stop spawning in front of my lawn you crazed minature lunatic of annoyingness! *Ahem, sorry 'bout that. Also, I've never seen a fictional mermaid this ugly.....uggh
  • Octo Zombie - VERY OP, yes. But, honestly, to me, he's just a nuicanse (though I'm still shcoked by his packed 6 abs)
  • Fisherman Zombie - A nuicanse, though I like the design and the death animation.
  • Zombot Sharktronic Sub - I like the design. I can see why Zomboss liked it so much.


I liked it. It would've been better with Brainiac Manica or a new Zomboss entrance theme....oh well. Overall -

Levels = (8/10)

Plants = (9/10)

Zombies = (7/10, lost one point because of the Imps)

Music = (7/10)

Total - 31/40

Basically, I like this world. It's my opinion though, so no hard feelings right? ;)