• PlatinumBejeweler

    Following are some of my personal assumptions about Edgar George, more commonly known as Dr. Zomboss.

    Edgar may have been an employee of the Bloom and Doom Seed Co., which explains the seed packets the zombies carry and the zombie packets in I, Zombie. Also, he may have worked his way up with his intelligence to the head of Department of Upgrade Plants. I personally believed that Spikerock was Edgar's invention for two reasons. First, Spikerock was not a plant but a rock, which led to Edgar's having been fired. Second, Spikerock seemed to be resistant to Camper throwing, stomping, Fireballs and Snowballs, as Gargantuars and Vehicle Zombies (Edgar himself being one) are unable to destroy a Spikerock at one time. For this reason, Edgar choseā€¦

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