Many of you may not know me, but (some of you may know) I prefer to be called E.J.

Anyways back to my point, this wiki is going downhill - PERIOD. Many people are raging, arguing, fighting (yes, ElectroMario and Bearjedi), and blaming (and lots of spamming too!). People who were good turned bad. There are constantly vandals (AbramR and his sockpuppets) and blaming. I myself have been blamed many times for things I didn't do (I suggest we just stop blaming and forget the past)!!! I think I know why people are becoming bad. Ever heard of a chain reaction? Someone probably did something bad, so another person followed, and then other people saw and started. Then, people started getting mad. They started blaming and saying stuff like: "You did this! You did that!" This resulted to a war. Since this war started, people are thinking some new people are sockpuppets and banning them from chat, blocking them, blaming, not trusting, etc. I could be wrong, but this is what I see from my perspective. I have been exploded from the first day I came. Called a sockpuppet. Blamed for calling Someone456 a horrible user and a bad role-model (yes, I was blamed for that, ask Someone456 if I called him a horrible user, he'll probably say yes) when I really meant Bearjedi was acting immature. 

So thanks for reading this and tell me what you think about this. I know people will blame me for making this and calling me a jerk, but at least I said what I wanted to say. I know you will also criticize me, say "you are wrong!" and also call me dumb. But it is ok, since everyone else is fighting, so I won't be the only one. THANKS FOR READING TO THE END!!!