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    First off, I want to give credit to RandomzSunfish23901 for this. He created backstories for his plants for RP (according to him). So I decided to create ummm... uhhh.... BACKSTORIES!!! Yeah, that's what they were called.


    Present: A Cold Snapdragon wandering through time, trying to find his cousin, Bloom (a Gold-Bloom). Through every era he goes to, many weird and unexpected things keep happening. Many things have stalled him from finding his sister; like Zomboss, distrusting plants, annoying zombies, and weird portals coming out of nowhere. Eventually, he found three other plants all looking for some sort of thing too (except Pea, who mysteriously is helpin…

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    Many of you may not know me, but (some of you may know) I prefer to be called E.J.

    Anyways back to my point, this wiki is going downhill - PERIOD. Many people are raging, arguing, fighting (yes, ElectroMario and Bearjedi), and blaming (and lots of spamming too!). People who were good turned bad. There are constantly vandals (AbramR and his sockpuppets) and blaming. I myself have been blamed many times for things I didn't do (I suggest we just stop blaming and forget the past)!!! I think I know why people are becoming bad. Ever heard of a chain reaction? Someone probably did something bad, so another person followed, and then other people saw and started. Then, people started getting mad. They started blaming and saying stuff …

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  • DJayKn1ght

    PVZ 1

    • Has I, Zombie
    • Has more Vasebreaker levels
    • All plants unlockable for free
    • Sun costs 25
    • Only 3 days long

    PVZ 2

    • Has Vasebreaker power-ups
    • More mini-games
    • Most plants unlockable for free/gemium
    • Better plants
    • Plant food
    • More levels
    • More boss battles

    This is UNFINISHED, ok?

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