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New Zombotany Zombies!

I've been thinking that, well, we need more Zombotany Zombies. So help me out and tell me which ones you would like to see! Here are my top four as examples:

#1 - Starfruit Zombie

Fires stars in five directions at once that cause normal

damage to plants but can't pass through wall plants.

#2 - Torchwood Zombie

Lights Peashooter Zombies' peas on fire, turning them

into fireballs that do double damage to your plants.

#3 - Fume-shroom Zombie

Shoots fumes that damage your plants and that can

pass through Wall-nuts, Pumpkins, and Tall-nuts.

#4 - Snow Pea Zombie

Shoots frozen peas that cause damage to your plants

while also slowing their movement and ability speeds.

PlantsVsZombiesMaster 16:11, February 24, 2012 (UTC)