I've been thinking that, well, we need more Zombotany Zombies. So help me out and tell me which ones you would like to see! Here are my top four as examples:

#1 - Starfruit Zombie

Fires stars in five directions at once that cause normal

damage to plants but can't pass through wall plants.

#2 - Torchwood Zombie

Lights Peashooter Zombies' peas on fire, turning them

into fireballs that do double damage to your plants.

#3 - Fume-shroom Zombie

Shoots fumes that damage your plants and that can

pass through Wall-nuts, Pumpkins, and Tall-nuts.

#4 - Snow Pea Zombie

Shoots frozen peas that cause damage to your plants

while also slowing their movement and ability speeds.

PlantsVsZombiesMaster 16:11, February 24, 2012 (UTC)