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Chocolate Part 2

So over a year ago I set myself a challenge: to get the maximum number of Chocolates possible. And I did it. I even wrote a blog post about it.

There are undoubtedly those who think that I hacked the system. I did not. I got 42 Chocolates by being smart. And patient. Very patient.

You see, I found a loophole. I found a way to get way more Chocolate than previously thought possible. The trick is to realize that Zombies drop Chocolate. And that you have to pick it up.

Consider this: You currently have 9 Chocolates. You pick a random Mini-Game and start playing. After a while a Zombie drops Chocolate. Instead of picking it up (and maxing out your Chocolate), you exit the Mini-Game, which, of course, will be saved.

You still have 9 Chocolates, since you did not pick that last one up. So what if you play another Mini-Game? Eventually another Zombie will drop some Chocolate. You then exit that Mini-Game.

You keep doing this. You get Zombies to drop Chocolate in Mini-Games, Adventure Mode, Survival levels etc.

This is what I did. I got Zombies to drop Chocolate in every possible place I could. Once the Zombies had dropped Chocolate in every place they could, I picked them all up.

That is how I got 42 Chocolates.

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