Chocolate. The sweet stuff zombies drop on our lawns.

It has always been thought that Chocolate has a maximum of 10, a thought often used to try and get more Presents from the zombies. But upon discovering this wiki 13 days ago (one of the first articles I read was the one on Chocolate) I saw a picture of 11 Chocolates in a Zen Garden and I was amazed. Yo
11 x Chocolate

11 Chocolates. It's possible.

u see, it had never before occured to me that it was even possible to get 11 Chocolates.

But then it hit me. I realised that there was a simple way to get 11 Chocolates. And so I got 11 Chocolates. No, I did not cheat or use any secret codes. I did not hack the system either.

Once I had figured out how to get beyond the "maximum" of 10, it became my goal to reach the real maximum. It turns out that the real
42 Chocolates

42 Chocolates. The real maximum.

maximum is 42. (At least it is in the Game of the Year PC version, the version I have). After figuring out the maximum (and wondering if the Ultimate Question is really "What is the maximum for Chocolate in Plants vs. Zombies?") I decided to reach the maximum.

13 days later I achieved my goal. After playing every Mini-game (except Zombiquarium), Survival level, Endless Puzzle and Adventure Mode, I reached 42 Chocolates!

I know what you are all wondering. What will I do with all that Chocolate.

I am not sure yet.