hey,ladies and gentleplants,I have been joining wikis and studying them for a bit,and here's what I got. oh yes,and, I will continuelly study other wikis and report back. sooo,here we go:

call of duty wiki this wiki,I liked,but they banned me for 'spam' when I helped them w/ song lyrics.still,they're good at some points,like the pages and chat size.

2-star rating.

glee wiki: this wiki has some better sense than CoD,but they treat the chat newcomers like dirt.

2-star rating.

elder scrolls wiki: Awesome. thousands of pages.however,the chat is vacant.

4 1/2 rating.

Call of Duty answers wiki:pretty good wiki.

3 stars

hunger games wiki:awesome.a decent chat,full,interestingpages,and nice users.

5 stars :)

well,that's it for now.happy editing!