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  • Plant777

    The Plants in Time

    December 19, 2015 by Plant777

    PvZ 2's story features jumping across time periods, with plants in them. So I'll give my take on how they go.

    Jurassic Marsh. Primals existed here. They were buffed and stronger compared to their modern counterparts. Pefume-Shroom also existed, the *probable* ancestor of mushrooms.

    Frostbite Caves. Plants here adapted to take care of ice and ice-resistant foes. Pepper-pult and Hot Potato took care of freezing, Chard Guard used physical force to drive away foes, Stunion used gas to immobilize otherwise unfreezable enemies, and Rotobaga floated in air to avoid the freezing ground (in the game she can still be frozen however).

    Ancient Egypt. Tombstones block the way so plants here have developed traits to overcome the blocks, like Bloomerang (pi…

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  • Plant777

    Everybody prefers something over something else. In that case, that's among the three sun-producers in PvZ 2. Others prefer the original Sunflower, others prefer Sun Shroom and others prefer Twin Sunflower.

    But others were also arguing which one is the best. 75 Sun. Cheaper, economical, more, double and many others. Not angry, though. I just wanna type before it gets forgotten.

    So here are the three.

    First obtained. It's a simple sun producer with no or less hassle. Goes with a simple pay-and-plant concept: needs 50 sun and likewise it gives 50 sun. Simple.

    Its simplicity sometimes shadows its potentials. It only produces 50 sun unlike the other two, with 75 and 100 sun. To generate more sun, one needs planting more (quite obvious though), whi…

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