Ideas for a 'Time Twister' World

These aren't finished yet. I'll try to get what I can.


1.Perpetuapetal: The less health it has , the more damage it deals.

Toughness: Slight Improvement ( 10)

Attack: Low (About 1 pea worth of damage at first , but it shoots as fast laser bean, initial damage), High ( 10 peas worth of damage after 9 bites) Increase Mechanic: For each bite, it gains 1 pea of damage in attack.

Range: Lane

Sun Cost: 200


PF: PERMANENT damage is now 10, repairs self, and shoots 3 petals +  stream of leaves that do 35 damage to all zombies

2. Lime Machine:

Attack: Huge, also (when eaten, it explodes doing 25 damage to zombies in a 3x3 area)


Recharge: Fast

SunCost: 375

PF: Deals 90 damage to the 10 strongest zombies on field and 35 damage to all zombies near Lime Machine

'After an experiment gone wrong, he was given the ability to Time Travel using his acids. He searches through space and time to find the person who created the very same accident which killed his loved one'

3. Pearadox: Negates certain  specials of the zombie who eats it.

Sun Cost: 75

Recharge: Mediocre

PF: If NEGATABLE,At least 1(if having more than 1) special is neutralized for a short period on all zombies

4. Eternut: One of the plants that blocks Anti-Matter Zombie. 2x Defense in dark places like Time Twister and Dark Ages. When Anti-Matter Zombie touches this plant, it is no longer invulnerable to most plants for a time.

Toughness: Elevated( 45 bites when not in a dark area)

Sun: 125

Recharge: Slow

PF:Repairs itself, Creates a shadow to take damage, and changes environment to an 'artificial night' which still allows sun to drop

5.GumBales: Plant on another plant. Protects a plant from 25 bites and aging from Screw Driver Zombie

Recharge: Mediocre

Sun Cost: 75

6. Out-of-Thyme: Creates a portal to use, useable in all worlds, dissapears after usage

Recharge: Mediocre

Sun: Same as Tile Turnip

7. Apeacolypse: Inflicts Zombies with Dark Energy Peas

Special: Zombies slowly become weaker to Dark Energy. Can be planted on multiple times to increase damage. Plant Twice to become a Repeacolypse. Plant 3 times to be a Threepeacolypse.


Recharge: Fast


Attack: Initially .875 damage. For each Dark Pea, the zombie is weakened by 5% from Dark attacks. Max is 2 peas worth of damage to zombie. Torchwood turns Dark Peas into Dark Fire Peas. Dark Fire Peas doubles the rate of weakening to Zombie and does Double Damage. Jesters CANNOT deflect any Dark Peas.

PF: 1.Apeacolypse-Shoots 60 Dark Ghost Peas(They can also be enchanced via Torchwood). The Ghost Peas go through all zombies in lane.

  2. Repeaococlypse- Shoots 60 Dark Ghost Peas and 1 Big Dark Ghost Pea

   3. ThreePeaococlypse- Shoots 60 Dark Ghost Peas per head, similarly to Threepeater.

8. Either Doom-Shroom or Acespearagus


1. The time trio (regular,  cone, bucket)

2. Screw Driver Zombie ( shout out to Doctor Who)(Ages a plant ,weakening it significantly , not affected by magnet plant)

3. Portal Zombie: Createsfor zombies to go through

4. Time Traveller Zombie: Time travels to bring another zombie from the same level with it

5. Clock Zombie: When the clock strikes 12, the zombie explodes (unless no plants to explode). Clock absorbs 50 hits. It can be stolen by Magnet Shroom ,but it will still tick unless destroyed or eaten( Chomper or Magnet). The clock will stil absorbs hit even when stolen by Magnet Shroom. The zombie will go faster when the clock's hands closes in on 12

6. Doomsday Zombie: Summons a small wave of zombies if it's the last thing it does before becoming LESS dead?

7. Anti-Matter Zombie ( Most attacks go through it and it can go through certain plants)

8. Teleporter Zombie : Capable of short range teleportation

9. Black Hole Zombie: Creates a black hole which suck 1-4 plants 

The World Elements:

Portals ( Both parties can use it, disappears and reappears randomly, never appears on the 1,2,3 row area or whatever its called)

Black Holes: Sucks a plant or plants and can suck zombies

Disruption in Spacetime Continuum( need to get shorter name): Some parts of the lawn will go faster and slower relative to normal speeds

Instability( Could be the name for the one above): Changes the environment to a different environment 

Possible (Border line, the make-it or break-it)

Relendlettuce ( Portmanteau of Relentless, endless, lettuce) /Endlettuce: Attacks real fast, seemingly never stopping.


Sun Cost:150


Recharge: Mediocre

PF: Does 85 damage to all zombies in the lane by shooting 85 lettuces. And does 10 damage to nearby lanes

And more!

Please give suggestions and if you want changes, I appreciate if you give your honest opinion