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  • Pizzachu

    Meme Collection

    May 29, 2015 by Pizzachu

    Starting on June 1st, I'll be posting a meme daily. Some might be for fandom's, dank, or just your average meme.

    June 2nd: TBA

    June 3rd: TBA

    I'll upload these to my imgur account instead of uploading here from now on of anyone cares.

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  • Pizzachu


    May 12, 2015 by Pizzachu

    Edit: No longer applicable

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  • Pizzachu

    Round 2 Blog

    March 20, 2015 by Pizzachu

    I said I was going to do it a few days ago. I lied. But one thing I did do on time was collecting the results. I took screen shots of the results when it should have closed, so any other votes after that do not count.

    Nobody suggested any Mini-games for this round; therefore, this round will short. I'll just randomly choose Mini-games and other content for this round.

    The survivors of the next round from each category are:

    • Last Stand (Barely)
    • Survival Mode
    • I, Zombie (I missed the premiere)

    Because of some ties, I'll have to get rid of certain ones.

    • POrtal Combat
    • Beghouled Series
    • It's Raining Seeds
    • Last Stand
    • Column Like You See Em

    • Sun Bombs
    • Cannons Away
    • Dark Alchemy
    • Snowball Strike
    • Bulb Bowling

    For some unknown reason, which I'm glad that Balam pointed out,…

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  • Pizzachu

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day, PvZ Wikia! Will you find a Lucky Blover or a pot of gold and gems at the end of the Brainbow? Does such a pot exist? But most importantly, you better wear green, otherwise those darn leprechauns will pinch you, kick you in the shins, and eat your brains, not necessarily in that order.

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