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  • Piotrek1113

    I'll be off

    May 4, 2016 by Piotrek1113

    Hi! I want to announce, that I'll be offline in the next week. From 8th to 15th May I go to Germany. I know, that I'm not so active lately on this wiki/chat. But I do some little changes in the China section if I have some free time ;)

    What should I say? See you in two weeks!

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  • Piotrek1113

    Hello there!
    Recently I became less active in here. There are many factors of it:

    1. The Chinese content in this moment has stopped a little. Even China hasn't added the next monthly plant - which is kinda sad, but we don't know, how great/bad this plant would be. I know, that there are many articles to edit, but this is another thing...
    2. I started my second semester and everything started to be much harder than I thought. And this means, I have not so many time with editing, etc.
    3. I decided, to support the PvZWiki in my language, but there I'm also not so active (because of mentioned earlier school) ^^'

    I hope, that you can understand me and give me more time. Of course - I'll visit this wiki everyday, but not edit-vise. BUT! When I found …

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  • Piotrek1113

    Hello! When the MD part 1 will be soft-released I will leave the chat, because of spoilers. We all know, that most of the users want to be spoiled with everything now. I want a surprise by seeing the ending of this game. And that's why I'll be gone in chat for at least one month until the second part comes out officialy and will be beaten by me. Of course I'll still make edits for this wiki. If someone wants something from me, you can speak to me through my talk page.

    What should I say more? Bye and good luck with finding any spoilers xd


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  • Piotrek1113

    Hello! Today is my birthday! :D I remember, when I started planting here since October and with time I start like to stay here more :) I hope, that I'll more edits and more chinese content pages, to know more about Chinese version of PvZ2 ;)

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