Since chat hacks and chat options have been down for quite some time (as well as the ability for some users to log chat)--and even having ChatTags in chat--, here are best solutions on how to get chat hacks and chat options whenever you enter chat.

The first solution is that anyone may think would be importing the chat scripts in your chat js subpage but this solution cannot be used as editing of personal chat JS is still down by Wikia. So here goes the second solution: importing the chat scripts in the consoles depending on what browser you use.

For Google

(Take note that I only know how to do so in Google since this is the browser I use all the time)

Step 1: Press CTRL + Shift + J on your keyboard. A console will pop up.

Step 2: Type or copypaste the following chat scripts in the white blank below and then press Enter on your keyboard.


And that's it.

SIDENOTE: You can also do the same for importing scripts of ChatTags as well as your own chat JS subpages that contain the codes for logging chat. The steps are fairly simple. You may type the following chat scripts in the console, then press Enter, and viola. There you go. Chat scripts below by the way:


What I meant by <yourusername> is that you replace that with your username. Like User:User. A sample of the chat script import that I type when I want to get my ability to log chat would be importScriptPage('User:Pinkgirl234/chat.js').

So I hope that helped. Take note that this one works for Google but still worth a jumpstart. For more ways of opening consoles depending on what browser you use, see this blog made by an administrator from another wiki.

EDIT: (This statement is addressed to all admins) Has anyone of you admins contacted Wikia about this glitch or check the MediaWiki:Chat.js to see what hindered the chat options and hacks from appearing in chat?