Hello! In this blog, I'll be posting informations about a world I'm making,the Steam Times, based on the Industrial Revolution. For now, it's not very... Complete... But it'll be!... Later. So, let's get started!


  • Steam Stem: use 50 sun to shoot steam in a 5x3 area. Steam deals 7.5 normal damages. Cost: 100. PF: shoots steam on the whole adjacent lanes that deals 10 damages.
  • Gatling Pea: shoots 4 peas at a time. Cost: 475. PF: shoots 350 little peas that deal 0,5 damages each, then four big peas.
  • Plantern: clear steam fog in a 5x7 area. Cost: 125. PF: permanantly make stem fog clearing area become the whole lawn and make zombies in a 2,5x3,5 area get slowed down.
  • Grape-Pult: shoots 5 grapes that make a cross-shaped area with the target zombie at the center, dealing 1 damages each. Fire rate is 1/2 of a Peashooter. Cost: 200. PF: shoots 20 grapes on each tile, each grape dealing 1 damage.
  • More Coming Soon!


  • Worker Zombie
  • Conehead Worker
  • Buckethead Worker
  • Flag Worker
  • Minor Zombie: fast when still in wagon, then normal. Wagon crushes plants. If the wagon crashes into a defensive plant, both the zombie and the plant die. If the wagon roll over a spiky plant, the wagon is destroyed and the plant is crushed. Health: 15(wagon), 10(zombie). Weaknesses: spiky plants, defensive plants.
  • Chain Zombie: come in groups of at least 3 zombies. When the front zombie reach a plant, it will take it, give it to the zombie behind it, who will then give to the other behind it and so on, with the plant being munched each time it is passed to a Chain Zombie. The last Chain Zombie will just leave the plant behind it.
  • Howitzer Zombie: stands still while it has its howitzer, then hungry. While it has its howitzer, it will stay at the right of the screen and shoot fragmented shells that hit plants in a 3x3 area. Each fragment deals 1 munch to the plant. Health: 30(Howitzer), 15(Zombie). Weakness: Fire make the howitzer explode, killing the zombie.
  • More Coming Soon!