Piki Blowhog

aka Sus Pikminicus

  • I live in the Submerged Castle.
  • My occupation is playing games where plants can kill things! (Pikmin, PvZ)
  • I am a Blowhog parasited by a Pikmin.
  • Piki Blowhog

    Hello! In this blog, I'll be posting informations about a world I'm making,the Steam Times, based on the Industrial Revolution. For now, it's not very... Complete... But it'll be!... Later. So, let's get started!

    • Steam Stem: use 50 sun to shoot steam in a 5x3 area. Steam deals 7.5 normal damages. Cost: 100. PF: shoots steam on the whole adjacent lanes that deals 10 damages.
    • Gatling Pea: shoots 4 peas at a time. Cost: 475. PF: shoots 350 little peas that deal 0,5 damages each, then four big peas.
    • Plantern: clear steam fog in a 5x7 area. Cost: 125. PF: permanantly make stem fog clearing area become the whole lawn and make zombies in a 2,5x3,5 area get slowed down.
    • Grape-Pult: shoots 5 grapes that make a cross-shaped area with the target zombie a…

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