Unfortunately, I just learned something today that I wished that I never heard, but then again, it was meant to happen anyway. But before that, I want to you to hear my tale.

Before I was born, mother wanted to pair up father with her friend, but alas, it backfired. They then dated, then eventually, they were wed. Months after their marriage, they bore a son with ADHD, then two years later, they bore a problematic daughter (aka myself). They were meant to have a third child, but he died before he could even see the light. For those years, they spent caring for their children, but things took a turn for the worst six to seven years after my birth.

After the timeskip, they had a pointless argument, causing father to leave. Fortunately, he did come back after a week. However, their aura felt like that they haven't forgiven one another. A year or two later, mother obtained a brown notebook, where she puts everything wrong that my dad does until now. For three more years, all they did was fight or isolate themselves from each other. However, this tale fast forwards to yesterday. Mother plans to sell her car just so we can pay our bills, but then there was argument, as always. Except that they were more furious to each other than they ever were. Now they dug through some files in the cabinet inside the master's bedroom, then a while ago, she found their marriage certificate and found out that:

Her marriage with father was fake.

I was depressed when I heard this, but I knew that there were tomfoolery with their relationship, But this? This was just too far. Sometimes I just wished that I lived in another household. A household with people who actually care about each other, not one with people often fighting and arguing for endless hours. Going to this wiki makes me feel better, because at least some people are willing to listen and give their condolences, since I isolate each other to my classmates, due to their obnoxious jokes and personalities, save for one or two.

All I worry about now is the family future, and due to my mind's negative aura, all I could think is familycide. You know, where one person kills everyone in the household, then themself. If only I could stop thinking negative, but I just can't... It worries as much as that asteroid hoax. (Even if things are hoaxes, I tend to be a coward... and people kept teasing me at Grade 5 that the world was going to end soon, and since I was gullible and due to my cowardly attitude, I tend to cry when I heard them saying that, and they just wouldn't stop...) Well, I just hope it never happens, just like the hoax.

And I've finished telling my tale. Thank you if you actually bothered to read every single word.