• Penguin Frost

    Hi, users of PVZ Wiki...

    I would just like to announce I will be leaving this wiki. Considering the fact I havent edited for 2 months, and I am not into Plants vs. Zombies anymore. I'd like to thank you all for making my time here wonderful, and who knows, maybe I might decide to come back :).

    But back to the topic, if you would like to talk to me, I still reply on talk pages. I may or may not reply, it depends if I am active.

    I will come on the chat probably once in 2 weeks time, I dont know. But for now, farewell...

    ~Penguin Frost

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  • Penguin Frost

    Terrrible News

    March 20, 2013 by Penguin Frost

    Hey Guys!

    A few days ago, I lost all my hard PVZ work. While I was surfing the internet, my stupid computer shut down >:/. So, I start it up, and it all looks normal. A few hours later, I decide to play PVZ, and EVERYTHING is gone. That includes my accounts, my achievements, and most importantly, my progress. Well, I guess Ill have to start all over again :(

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