• Peashootor

    Plant Ideas

    August 20, 2011 by Peashootor

    I have plant ideas for Plants vs Zombies 2

    Throw slimeballs at zombies slowing them down after a few slimeballs.


    Firing speed:2x


    Special:slows downs zombies after a few slimeballs

    Slime-pult is very sticky and his slimeballs too.He is very fragile with them.He says"Slimeballs are my type and sticky.

    A long-ranged shooter that shoots green deadly poison spores that damage the emeny over time.



    Special:Poison spores that damage the enemy over time

    Poison-shroom is very lonely because people thinks if he shoot them they be poisoned too.But he's a nice guy and be friends with him.

    Shoots electric rays that zaps the enemy over time


    Special:Electricute zombies over time

    Electro-Shroom is very stron…

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