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Plants vs zombies 2

PeaShooter December 4, 2011 User blog:PeaShooter
Attack sunflower

attack sunflower seed

Noodle pult

Noodle Pult

What do you think will be in pvz2?I think:


Ninja Pea

Square shooter

Attack SunFlower


Jogger Zombie

Gun Zombie



Zen Garden:

Snow Garden(for snow plants)


Solar Powered-Clear a level with olny attack Sunflowers

Graden Raker-Kill a Garganutar With a garden rake

Mini Games

Zombotany 3

Ballon Blowers(Olny Blovers and WAll nuts appear on covetyr belt)

Explosive master(Use olny explosives that apper on convetyr belt)

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