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    August 16, 2013 by Not gentile

    Miles, I was blocked on Rhythm Heaven wiki for "constant rude and other wise intimidating comments". But the thing is, I only made a few, and that was during an argument on what Pokemon would work in Drummer Duel. Maybe, in my defense, you could discuss with her that for such a small problem, she had to make a permanent block. None of my comments were rude, let alone intimating. This is clearly going overkill. Do you agree?

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  • Not gentile

    Present Blog.

    July 28, 2013 by Not gentile

    As you know, Miles closed his blog. Why? We may never know. But, I am making a substitute. The rules are the same. I will announce the results every morning.

    Jack-in-the-box: Deducts 25 points.

    Basketball: 10 points.

    Fertilizer: 25 points.

    Watering Can: 50 points

    Golden Watering Can: 100 points.

    Bug Spray: 250 points.

    Corn Cob: 500 points.

    Question Mark Vase: Random plant or zombie. 50 points.

    Golden Vase: Always gives you a plant or zombie you don't have. 250 points.

    Leaf Vase: Random plant. 100 points.

    Face Vase: Random zombie 100 points.

    Headwear Zombies collection.

    Conehead Zombie: 75 points.

    Buckethead Zombie: 125 points.

    Football Zombie: 175 points.

    Digger Zombie: 125 points.

    Giga Football Zombie: 300 points.

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