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    Thanks for playing!

    Due to the success of the previous hurt and heal game, I decided to make another one. This one will be for zombies from Plants vs. Zombies. For newcomers, the object of "Hurt and Heal" is to try to "heal" your favorite zombies, and "hurt" you least favorites. Have fun!

    • All zombies start with 15 brains.
    • The maximum health a zombie can have is 30.
    • When a zombie reaches 0 health, it is eliminated from the game.
    • The last zombie standing wins.
    • You may only vote once every 5 3 hours.

    You have 3 5 brains at your disposal to hurt or heal zombies with.

    • Examples:
    • +2 Football Zombie, -3 Zomboni
    • +4 Conehead Zombie, -1 Pole Vaulting Zombie
    • -5 Ladder Zombie



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  • Nicko756

    Hurt and Heal Game

    October 2, 2015 by Nicko756



    Thanks for playing! Here are some other hurt and heal games for you to play:

    • Hurt and Heal - Zombies (PvZ1) (Creator: Me)
    • Hurt and Heal - Zombies (PvZ2) (Creator: Jimmy2004)
    • Hurt and Heal - Plants (PvZ1) (Creator: Ballistic Planet)
    • Hurt and Heal - Plants (PvZ2 Chinese) (Creator: BF10)
    • Hurt and Heal - Pokémon (Creator: Charmande red321)

    This is a game called "Hurt and Heal," where the object is to try to "heal" your favorite plants, and "hurt" you least favorites. Have fun!

    • All plants start with 10 health.
    • The maximum health a plant can have is 20.
    • When a plant reaches 0 health, it is eliminated from the game.
    • The last plant standing wins.
    • You may only vote once every 6 3 hours.

    NOTE: The rules will change slightly once there ar…

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  • Nicko756

    Credits to 2Actimv for parts of the code.
    I created a Plants. vs. Zombies chat skin for anyone to use. This is what it looks like:

    Add the following to :

    The code might not work if your have code in your . Read more >
  • Nicko756


    Warnar Bros. is currently developing a Plants vs. Zombies movie. The film will either be fully animated or will employ a hybrid of live-action and animation.

    Thoughts? (I personally think it will be terrible, like many other video game movie adaptions.)

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  • Nicko756


    April 26, 2015 by Nicko756

    I'm back from my break. I might not be active every single day, but I will try to edit at least 5 days a week.

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