I built a new Survival Endless Plan myself. Those who recommended a plan, you better hurry and find a way to give me the layout. I can't give out my e-mail publicly, but at least post it on your user page.

Anyway, I will post a picture of my new plan later.

Update: The plan crashed, it fell apart before I could take a screenshot. Requirements for a new plan are reduced.

No Gatling Peas, Torchwoods, or Magnet-shrooms are nessecary. Tall-nuts are, though.

Read the previous post for requirements.

Update: I got the photo! And I made it to 40 flags. The game with 40 flags in progress still lives. The reason why I wanted a new plan is so I can get to 40 flags to get the achievement "Alive and Planting" on my 360.

Here's the photo of my new plan:

Survival Endless Plan 2

Update: Made it to 50 flags recently. New record!