As said in the last post, I made a Survival Endless plan, but it doesn't seem to work out well. So I need help for a new one.

Rules and requirements:

The plan must have the following plants:

Cob Cannon


Winter Melon

Umbrella Leaf


Twin Sunflower



These must be defended with Pumpkins.

There is no reward for providing a strategy.

Must provide a picture in the wiki photo gallery, then comment on this post telling me to view it.

All plants in the rules must have a purpose, here they all are listed below:

The Umbrella Leaves must act as a required anti-basketball defender. (Anti-bungee defender only recommended.)

There must be at least 6 Cob Cannons and must be protected from Diggers, Catapults, and flying Imps.

No scattered plant plan or spam comments in any future post.

There must be at least 4 Twin Sunflowers.

That is all. Please help.

Update: I will no longer accept more plans. Those who recommended a plan, you're too late. But, you could still comment here!

Update: I will continue accepting plans. I want to beat my record of 50 flags on my PC. Those who recommended a plan, get it out on your blog, if you have a user account. Remember these steps:

1. Build the plan in the game.

2. Take a screenshot by using a hypercam, using the screenshot feature on Microsoft Word 2010 (it's in the "insert" tab), of just use a digital camera.

3. Put it on your computer and post it to the wiki by putting it with the rest of the photos or in a blog post on your userpage, if you have one.

4. Comment here, on this blog post, saying a plan is ready and the picture is available.

5. I will examine the plan and see if it meets the requirements. You should meet the requirements listed above when you build the plan.

Hope that's not too confusing for you.