I looked back on my userpage and saw that my latest blog post was back in early July. Wow, was that way in the past. The reason why I am not participating in anything Plants vs. Zombies, is because other video games have been drawing my attention, like Half-Life 2 and Portal 2. So, what have I been doing recently?

I've been playing PVZ again to try to trigger an interest in it again. So far, it's going well. Then, I look back here and saw quite a bit of improvments and updates. I gotta say, I like these new editing and userpages layout. Now to figure out where the functions are in the layouts. One major improvement I saw was the userpage contains a bit more personal information to be told, (location, birthday, etc.) Because of what I have done here and all the trust I have gained from this wiki, I will tell some of that information, but not all of it. I will in the future, perhaps.

So from now on, between zombie ambushes, I will spend time on this wiki, getting some more medals to increase my rank, as my absences have affected it for the worse.

See ya around! (I hope no one's forgotten about me...)