I decided to host a post for ideas for new characters. I got a couple of Ideas for myself...


Fivepeaters shoot five peas, one in each lane.

Cost: 650 sun

Range: Five lanes

Damage: Normal (for each pea)

Can only be planted on Threepeaters.

"I'm a botany mutant!" says Fivepeater, "No plant has five heads! I'm the next generation!!"


Hypno-nuts can hypnotize up to fifteen zombies before replacing.

Cost: 275 sun

Defense: High

"I can hypnotize you over and over," says Hypno-nut, "Go ahead, try me."


Seastarfruit are aquatic plants that shoot stars.

Cost: 125 sun

Range: 5 directions

Damage: Normal (per star)

Seastarfruit has made friends with Starfruit. They share the same traits. They're like brothers. Just one distinction: Seastarfruit has only 2 cavities in its only tooth. Now Starfruit's jealous.


Torchtree sets flying cabbages on fire and pops kernels into popcorn, doubling their damage.

Cost: 150 sun

Torchtree doesn't really like his job. Not that he's "hot" or "on fire", or even because the only things he can torch are cabbages and kernels, but because he's afraid of heights.

What do you think of those ideas? What ideas do you have?