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December 11, 2010
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  • Nemesis-041

    Hello again!

    October 9, 2011 by Nemesis-041

    I looked back on my userpage and saw that my latest blog post was back in early July. Wow, was that way in the past. The reason why I am not participating in anything Plants vs. Zombies, is because other video games have been drawing my attention, like Half-Life 2 and Portal 2. So, what have I been doing recently?

    I've been playing PVZ again to try to trigger an interest in it again. So far, it's going well. Then, I look back here and saw quite a bit of improvments and updates. I gotta say, I like these new editing and userpages layout. Now to figure out where the functions are in the layouts. One major improvement I saw was the userpage contains a bit more personal information to be told, (location, birthday, etc.) Because of what I have d…

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  • Nemesis-041

    Other stuffs getting the best of me, so little I check back here, and I no longer contribute to this wiki. So, rarely will you see me active here.

    I see that not 1, but 2 people got the "Golden Emblem" Badge. Nice work to those who obtained it, I applaud you.

    So, not much to say, really...

    Update: I stand corrected, I'm still gonna hang around this wiki. See you guys around.

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  • Nemesis-041

    I AM BACK!!!

    May 18, 2011 by Nemesis-041

    Yep, I'm almost done with filling my Zen Garden. Plants missing include: Chomper, Threepeater, Pumpkin, and Garlic. That's all.

    My rank went down in my absence. I will remedy that now.

    Nobody commented here recently. Where did everybody go? Boy, how long was I gone!?

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  • Nemesis-041

    I decided to host a post for ideas for new characters. I got a couple of Ideas for myself...


    Fivepeaters shoot five peas, one in each lane.

    Cost: 650 sun

    Range: Five lanes

    Damage: Normal (for each pea)

    Can only be planted on Threepeaters.

    "I'm a botany mutant!" says Fivepeater, "No plant has five heads! I'm the next generation!!"


    Hypno-nuts can hypnotize up to fifteen zombies before replacing.

    Cost: 275 sun

    Defense: High

    "I can hypnotize you over and over," says Hypno-nut, "Go ahead, try me."


    Seastarfruit are aquatic plants that shoot stars.

    Cost: 125 sun

    Range: 5 directions

    Damage: Normal (per star)

    Seastarfruit has made friends with Starfruit. They share the same traits. They're like brothers. Just one distinction: Sea…

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  • Nemesis-041

    I'm building up my fifth plan while thinking up a seventh. Expect a photo soon.

    Building plan...

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