Nat García

aka Inky

Eaten by the zombies
  • I live in An unkown world.
  • I was born on September 22
  • My occupation is Just enjoying my time
  • I am Red, (x7) da ba dee da ba die (just joking i'm male)
  • Nat García

    Anti-Zombie Defense

    October 19, 2015 by Nat García

    This game haves PvZ2 graphics. The objective is to defend a bunker using a turret that shoots bullets.

    Health: 25

    Speed: 3

    Damage: 2

    Description info: Your basic enemy, enjoy killing waves of them!

    Health: 100

    Speed: 12

    Damage: 4

    Description info: It is really quick, but it is otherwise weak.

    Health: 75

    Speed: 1.5

    Damage: 10

    Description info: This enemy is quite slow, but deals suspringly high damage.

    Health: 100

    Speed: 12

    Damage: 5

    Description info: His kicks hurts itself, but the less health it haves, the more damage it deals.

    Health: 350

    Speed: 2

    Damage 16

    Description info: This enemy is very strong and tanky, also your first boss fight, yay!!!!!

    • Harder bricks: Increases health by 200
    • Spiked shield: Reduces damage taken by 25% and enemies will lose health whi…

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  • Nat García

    Because he does instant kill like the gargantuar.

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