aka Naren

  • I live in Sonic's Head
  • I was born on July 4
  • I am Neither Male nor Female
  • Naren3000

    Hi! You get to make fakemon and fight with opponent's! BUT.......................................................................... It has to be based on your username. 1st Round vs. me as 300O. Comment if you want to join this battle! Make moves up! Try to make it a poem.

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  • Naren3000

    Wanna Read it? Are you sure you aren't scared?

    First and Second Sentence.. is actually true. Do not think the first and second sentence is fake. - More SCARY! Try with playing music.

    So, As I finished a class,

    I read on this guy's desk,

    "I am coming for you and you cannot escape from me!" (True)

    It also said " You are dead Bloodymary." (True)

    Everyone was shocked! That guy was very scared.

    The next day, I see scratches on his face.

    I ask him how he got that and he looked up... and said I scratched my face at football class. I knew something was wrong. I started investigating. I saw tears coming out of his eyes. I knew there was something wrong.

    As weeks went by, I saw more scratches and blood. Then one day, He …

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  • Naren3000

    Clone Zombie Maker

    October 3, 2015 by Naren3000


    I will make a new zombie by merging the clones.

    Pushes zombies 2 times more than a Breakdancer and reflects damage instead by 2.

    (Breakdancer + Jester Clone)

    Protects all zombies in its lane and protects all zombies underneath and above it during its jam.

    (Glitter Zombie + Arbiter X Clone)

    Brings a long bone that lands on a plant and spawns Arcade and Imp Porters.

    (Arcade + Imp Porter Clone)

    Pushes a Crashed DS that deals the damage of a Ice Block and a Arcade Machine together.

    (Arcade + Troglobite Clone)

    Uses a guitar to whack a plant out of the lawn instantly.

    (Punk and Mecha Football Zombie Clone)


    You may not use these.

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  • Naren3000

    Big Appetizer

    October 3, 2015 by Naren3000


    Cookies ($3.18/4 Cookies)

    French Fries & Burger ($4.78/Meal)

    Chips 'n Salsa ($5.25/Meal)

    Mysore Bonda ($7.67/3 Bondas)

    Fruits and Veggies ($2.99 for kids and $4.99 for adults/3 serving)

    Lollipop Chicken ($5.41/12 Pieces)

    Crackers ($3.23/6 Crackers)

    Waffles ($3.22/Waffle)

    Pancakes ($3.22/Amount of Family)

    Wisky Insides (Lollipop Chicken, Dosa, Carrots, Cookies for $5.82)

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  • Naren3000


    My question is...

    What if you had your on jam?

    What would its ability be and whats the sound of it?

    Your ability will also be used in The 80s (Different type of NMT)

    Mine is Croak Caw.

    Croak Caw: Uses a croak which gives all zombies a power to instant eat plants.

    Super Speed: Shoots fireballs and runs faster than regular zombies when played.

    MLP MLG: Knocks out plants instantly anywhere at any time when played. (Also carries a pegasus)

    Lazer Beam: Has a laser show activate and it will make the zombie able to zap a laser that deals the same damage as Turquoise Skull Zombie's laser in 5 spaces ahead (but colored red). Alongside, it can summon Gargantuar Primes and Turquoise Skull Zombies.

    What about you???

    Speed: Hungry

    Toughness: Hardened


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