This Challenge is changed to Extremely Hard (From Almost-Impossible) 1#:Get to 1,000 flags on Survival: Endless with only using Pea and basic Recommended Plants (example:Lily-Pad)

2#:Complete Zombie Nimble Zombie quick without using Cold Plants (example:Snow Pea,Winter Melon)

3#: Complete Last Stand with only using Scaredy-shrooms, Coffee Beans and Lily Pads

4#: Modifiy all plants to Realistic-Looking Fanon Plants. (example:Peashooter - Spikeshooter)

5#: Figure out how to access the Mysterious Quick Play mode. (This is what i really wan't to know!)

6#: Get to 5,000 flags on Survival Endless with only using Upgrade Plants.

7#: (Easy Challenge) : Go to my Wiki: and participate and be active.

More Coming Soon...

I have completed Challenge 3 and 7 (Obviously it's my wiki!).