NOTE: This may cause continuous nightmare, hallucinate, or various effects.

CHAPTER I: A Friend From The Hell

- Remember that you'll die... From the hell, I will rise in the 17th, when it has the full moon.

Peashooter was up late. He turns on his computer, finding this unusual message from the account "AFriendFromTheHell13".

"Who plays this trick?" says Pea (Peashooter). "It's not even funny!"

He was bummed, so he just turns off his computer and go to sleep.

The moon was up high, the church's bell starts to ring. "Bing... Bong... Bing... Bong..."

It's 12:00 AM...

The next morning in Twenty Stars high school...

The 10th graders today was discussing something. Something that is hot. Even hotter than a celebrity's scandal.

"Hey, last night I receive an unusual mess..."

"WHAT? did you receive THAT too? Who sends that???"

"Uh, yes, but I don't know who..."

Curious little Pea runs across the hallway, hearing the fellow students talk about just the same topic. Meanwhile, he spotted Sunny (Sunflower), Cacti (Cactus) and Chompaa (Chomper), so he rushes towards them.

"Did you receives the message?