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Battle of the Wiki: list of players and moves

Murabito January 26, 2015 User blog:Murabito

Light Team

PVZBronyGod - Air element


Brony Blast - at a certain chance can paralyze opponents for a turn. Deals 100% attack power.

Brony Wings - flies up and launch a destroying meteor. Deals 150% attack power. The striked opponent gets confused. 3-turns recharge.

Peterfetch - Earth element


Woodchop - piece of woods fall on opponents. Deals 50% attack power for each opponent.

Mud Strike - muds cover the opponent. Deals 50% attack power. "Mudded" opponents will have less accuracy and reduced attack power, by 25%. 2-turns recharge.

Dariusrulez - Air element


Sweg Smack - deals 100% damage.

Sweg Chant - can hypnotize a random opponent (including the Healing Station). 3-turns recharge.

Poopspyro7 - Fire element


TB Chop - slash the opponent with his trusty turkey baster.

Baster Blast - fires a medium-sized (and multicolored) blast at the opponent from his turkey baster. Deals 100% damage, has a chance of piercing, dealing damage to another opponent. 2-turns recharge.

Light Headquarter (1000/1000)

Light Healing Station (250/250)

Points: 0

Dark Team

IMCR8Z - Fumes element

HP: 100/100

Level: 1


CRAY-Z Tiles - creates a CRAY-Z tile with a random element. The tile will cause an effect on an enemy.

  • Earth - does medium damage. IMCR8Z is also healed by half of the damage done.
  • Water - does low damage, but the splash of water will also hit every other enemy.
  • Fire: Does the most damage and the fire will cause damage over time for the next 3 turns. Using a Water Tile will put out the fire, however, and the Fire Tile thaws frozen opponents.
  • Air - does no damage, but if used on a player it will blow them up into the air, rendering them unable to do anything for 2 turns.

Garden Allies - IMCR8Z summons one of four plants depending on his current element to attack. Only one plant can be active at a time. 4-turns recharge.

  • Earth: Summons a Sunflower. The Sunflower will shoot at the enemy with the lowest health, including Health Stations and HQs.
  • Water: Summons a Snow Pea. The Snow Pea will attack random enemies with no pattern and has a chance of freezing a player for a turn.
  • Fire: Summons a Pepper-pult. The Pepper-pult will atttack the last enemy IMCR8Z attacked before he summoned said Pepper-pult and will keep attacking the enemy until he or she is KO'd, after which the Pepper-pult disappears. Naturally, this thaws ice.
  • Air: Summons a Hurrikale. The Hurrikale will blow away the enemy player with the most health, doing no damage, but rendering them unable to do anything for 2 turns.

Bolt-Weed - Water element


Flood Pump - fires a laser of water, and renders the last fire attack useless. Deals 100% attack power.

Leech Crunch - bites an enemy, dealing 100% attack power. Heals himself for half the damage dealt when used. 1-turn recharge.

Iamarepeater - Air element

Air blast - deals 100% damage to one enemy and immediately remove helpful effect from target.

Wind healing hurricane - deals 50% attack power to all enemies. Heals by 50% of dealt damage. 2-turns recharge.

Tyabcd - Fire element


Fire Strike - fireballs fall from the sky, and will damage the light team by 50% attack power.

Spicy Food - Throws spicy food at the Light Team. They will have 50% less accuracy. 3-turns recharge.

Scaredy-Shroom - Earth element


Earth-quake - releases a quake, dealing earth damage to one foe. Deals 50% damage, has a chance of applying dizzyness. Dizzyness cause 50% less damage.

Little Helper - summons a damaging-partner tree minion who lasts for 3 turns that can use Earth-quake individually. 2-turns recharge.

Crazyzombie168 - Air element


The Imps! - throws random Imps at the enemy. The Imps will explode, dealing 50% attack power in the process. Sometimes, an Imp will explode, and become the team's minion.

Sonata FTW! - CZ becomes Sonata (human form, not in Anthro form, and LOLWUT) and sings, to cause discord on the Light Team. The chaos last for 2 turns. 5-turns recharge.

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