Hello everybody, i'm MrAnthony899 , and with JemCel03 i am making the world war era. This is by the moment what we have:

Level Rewards

Day 1: Berry Sniper- Shoots 10 berries at zombies, then reloads. Plant Food: Shoots a lot of berries (80) at a great firing speed.

Day 2: Coins

Day 3: Military Nightmare (Challenge Zone)

Day 4: Weed Launcher- Grabs a zombie and throws it. Special: Can throw up to three zombies. Plant Food: Grabs every zombie on his line and shoots it.

Day 5: Coins

Day 6: Pineapple Radar- Seeks for zombies that are hiding and shoots pineapples at them. (Note: It only focuses on one zombie at time) Plant Food: Kills every hiding zombie on the lawn.

Day 7: Zomboss note

Day 8: World Key

Day 9: Umbrella Leaf- Protects plants from landing zombies. Weakness: Rockets. Plant Food: Protects all the lawn for 10 seconds

Day 10: Coins

Day 11: Surface to Air Pea (S.A.P): Shoots powerful peas against flying zombies. Plant food: Shoots a big pea against flying zombies and (the wind thrown with the pea) flings every zombie on the lane

Day 12: Coins

Day 13: Coins

Day 14: Magnet-shooter: Grabs a metal object and shoots it (Note: Unlike the Magnet-shroom, you don't have to wait to use Magnet-shooter again) Plant Food: Grabs every metal object and shoots them randomly.

Day 15: Coins

Day 16: Coins

Day 17: Coins

Day 18: Coins

Day 19: Deadly Pepper: Tap and aim for a deadly attack against zombies. Special: Paralyzes zombies with gas. Attack: The gas damages zombies (Note: It paralyses zombies for 5 seconds, every second dealing 4 damage) Plant Food: Shoots a big cannon that paralyzes every zombie on the lawn (dealing 6 damage per second, 5 seconds).

Day 20: Coins

Day 21: Coins 

Day 22: Coins

Day 23: Coins

Day 24: Gatling Pea: Shoots 4 peas at time. Plant Food: Shoots 4 big peas at air and fall down against a group of zombies.

Day 25: Coins and World War trophy

Plants Sun cost and Recharge Time

Berry Sniper: 200 (Fast recharge)

Weed Launcher: 150 (Sluggish recharge)

Pineapple Radar: 125 (Fast recharge)

Umbrella Leaf: 75 (Fast recharge)

Surface to Air Pea: 200 (Mediocre recharge)

Magnet Shooter: 175 (Fast recharge)

Deadly Pepper: 300 (Fast recharge)

Gatling Pea: 325 (Sluggish recharge)


Soldier Zombie: Regular amateur soldier zombie.

Conehead soldier: His dirty army cone gives him twice the toughness of a regular soldier zombie.

Buckethead soldier: His incredible war bucket makes him very resistant to the received damage.

Flag soldier zombie: Marks the arrival of a huge armed "wave" of zombies.

Tear gas zombie: Tear gas zombie explodes paralyzing every plant on a 4x4 area.

Leader zombie: Leader zombie summons regular zombies.

Hiding zombie: Hiding zombie hides and attacks your plants by surprise. Special: Protects with barricades, then attacks. (Note: I will explain barricades later). Weakness: Pineapple Radar.

Rocket Launcher zombie: Rocket launcher zombie shoots rockets against plants.

Airplane zombie: Airplane zombie flies and throws Raider imps. Special: Throws Raider imps. Special: Throws Pilot zombie when destroyed. Weakness: Air Pea. (Note: It flies veery slow).

Pilot zombie: Pilot zombie flies and airplane, then attacks you. Weakness: Umbrella Leaf

Raider imp: Parachutes from above, then past through your defenses. Weakness: Umbrella Leaf

Foot Soldier Zombie: Shoots against plants. Special: Jumps the first plant he encounters. Special: Throws rockets. (Thanks to User:PlantShielder)

General Gargantuar: Gigantic soldier with a tank attack doctorate. Special: Crushes plants with tank. Special: Throws Raider imp when damaged.

Zombot Military Tank: The machined plant destroyer of the world war. Special: Throws tear gas. Special: Throws Rockets.

Zombies Health and Speed

Soldier Zombie: 10 and Basic

Conehead Soldier: 28 and Basic

Buckethead Soldier: 65 and Basic

Flag Soldier Zombie: 10 and Basic

Tear Gas Zombie: 20 and Hungry

Rocket Launcher Zombie: 19 and Basic

Leader Zombie: 25 and Hungry

Hiding Zombie: 10 and Basic

Airplane Zombie: 125 and Creeper

Pilot Zombie: 10 and Basic

Raider Imp: 10 and Basic

Foot Soldier Zombie: 20 and Hungry

General Gargantuar: 175 and Hungry

Zombot Military Tank: 1000 and Hungry

Plants Artwork

PVZIAT Gatling-Pea

Gatling Pea

Zombies Artwork

PVZ2IAT Soldier Zombie

Soldier Zombie

PVZ2IAT Leader Zombie

Leader Zombie

What's so special about it?

Imp rain: Raider imps come from sky.

Barricades: Protects plants, they appear randomly every level, no more than 4 barricades will be seen on a level.

Like i said before, this is what we have by the moment.

Comment what you want, if it's good or bad, no problemo. If you want to tell us something like almanac entries, send us plants/zombies artwork or contribute to the world, talk to us on our respective talk pages. Thanks!!!