• MrAnthony899

    Hello everybody, i'm MrAnthony899 , and with JemCel03 i am making the world war era. This is by the moment what we have:

    Day 1: Berry Sniper- Shoots 10 berries at zombies, then reloads. Plant Food: Shoots a lot of berries (80) at a great firing speed.

    Day 2: Coins

    Day 3: Military Nightmare (Challenge Zone)

    Day 4: Weed Launcher- Grabs a zombie and throws it. Special: Can throw up to three zombies. Plant Food: Grabs every zombie on his line and shoots it.

    Day 5: Coins

    Day 6: Pineapple Radar- Seeks for zombies that are hiding and shoots pineapples at them. (Note: It only focuses on one zombie at time) Plant Food: Kills every hiding zombie on the lawn.

    Day 7: Zomboss note

    Day 8: World Key

    Day 9: Umbrella Leaf- Protects plants from landing zombies. Weak…

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  • MrAnthony899

    Plants vs Zombies 2 starts when you go back in time to find the taco, but why don't you find it?

    Because you are in the wrong timeline, if they just went minutes ago, Crazy Dave can eat it again, and again, and again.

    Another theory may be because Dr. Zomboss stole the taco, so in your endless taco search, you fight zombies.

    Everything is plan of Dr. Zomboss to make you lose your brains.

    But this is all your fault, because Crazy Dave doesn't needs you, if you watched PvZ 2 trailer, you wll see that he saved the city from zombies, that he's a hero. Think about it.

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