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I wanted to make something based on country where I live and here is the result. So this is Ukraine in 18th Century when there was a war between Ukranians and Poles.

Note: Any ideas that were already made by someone else on this wiki or other fanon wikis are purely coincidental, and should not be taken as plagiarisim.

Gimmick of the world

The gimnic of the world are kind of these carts. They have same health as Garg and each time they lose 10 hitpoints they slightly move backward. Zombies when stay behind have very decreased speed but they push the cart. More Zombies push, faster becomes the cart. It is recomended to use AoE plants to take carts out easily. Tumbleweed is a counter.



Rushes forward dealing some damage and throwing Zombies to other lanes.

Damage: Moderate (5)

Recharge: Slightly slower that fast.

Sun cost: 125

Overview: When planted, it starts moving forward hitting all Zombies in a lane. All hit Zombies take 5 damage and switch lanes like when they eat a Garlic. After rushing attack the plant is lost. This is a great way to take out carts because Zombies that push it will be moved to other lanes.

Almanac entry: Tumbleweed still cannot understand what's going on:"Why when I appear, there is nobody at all?!"

Unlocked at: Zaporozhian Sich Day 2.

Spineapple (Pun of Spin and Pineapple)

Deflects projectiles shot at him.

Recharge: Sluggish

Sun Cost: 175

Overview: Acts like a plant version of Jester. But he can also deflect Zombie Chicken (when it is close enough it will suck in it and reappear as hypnotised Zombies Chick). Also can deflect Wizard's magic: First, he turns into spinning sheep, and after that turns back into spinning pineapple hitting closest to him Zombie and turning him into a hypnotised Zombie Chick.

PF: Spins very fast creating a tornado that moves forward in his lane sucking first five Zombies and shooting them into other Zombies.

Almanac Entry: Spineapple refuses to be in Ukraine. With his abilities he expected to appear in Japan and become a Ninja. But somebody took him to Zaporozhian Sich. He thinks that was Crazy Dave since he is the only one that can travel through the time. Wait... That could be Dr. Zomboss too!

Unlocked at Zaporozhian Sich Day 6.

More Plants coming soon.


Kozak Zombie

Regular Ukranian Rebellian Zombie.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

Entry: He's fed up with Pole Zombies.

First appearance: Zaporozhian Sich Day 1.

Conehead Kozak

A Hettman's hat looking cone makes him twice as tough as normal Kozaks.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Basic

Entry: He stole Hettman's favourite cone and now everyone believe that he's Hettman.

First Appearance: Zaporozhian Sich Day 1.

Buckethead Kozak

His Wooden Bucket greatly protects him from damage.

Toughness: Hardened

Speed: Basic

Weakness: Magnet Shroom

Entry: He has very simple bucket. He cannot understant why he couldn't find original bucket instead of one from Pirate Seas.

First appearance: Zaporozhian Sich Day 2.

Flag Kozak

Marks the arrival of huge rebellian "wave" of Zombies.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

Entry: This Zombie is a mystery. Some of Kozaks believe that he's a Pole Zombie that came to sabotage the Sich. But he has a flag. That is a proof that he's true Patriot.

First appearance: Zaporozhian Sich Day 1.

Gun Zombie

Uses a gun to shoot at plants.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Creeper

Weakness: Spineapple, Magnet Sroom.

Overview: Periodically shoots at plants with his gun dealing one bite damage. Takes 10 damage. Loses his arm at 5 damage, loses a vest at 9 damage revealing that he has a lot of additional guns onder his vest and after 10 damage all guns he has explode and Gun Zombie dies. Explosion does'nt affect any other plant or Zombie. Gun can be stolen by Magnet Shroom, but Gun Zombie will take another one.

Entry: Who said that Zombies cannot shoot? They can! Even with blinded eyes! How? Well, because they can smell.

First appearance: Zaporozhian Sich Day 6.

Imp Chumack

Kicked past your defences, then walks forward.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Hungry

Entry: He sells best salt in the Ukraine.

First appearance: Zaporozhian Sich Day 8.

Gargantuar Kozak (placeholder name, I want to create more original name)

Dangerous to both Poles or Plants.

Toughness: Great

Speed: Hungry

Entry: He doesn't really like brains. But Hettman likes them. Gargantuar Kozak wants to become his right hand very much so he wants to bring them to him.

First appearance: Zaporozhian Sich Day 8.

More Zombies Coming soon.

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