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aka Zhenya Kramar

  • I live in Ukraine, Kyiv
  • I was born on March 10
  • My occupation is Building Zombots
  • I am Male
  • Mr. Boss-inator

    I'll list some OP exploits and combo ideas here.

    Here's stuff that was confirmed to work (because unlike my ideas they are easier to pull off :P)

    Requirements: Any Kabloom hero, 2 Sergeant Strongberries.

    What you need to do: Just play both strongberries with one of them being on an empty lane (other one must be still alive before first one attacks).

    Result: They keep assisting each other doing 2 damage every time other berry attacks... Including Strongberries! Infinite attack spree slowly drains other hero's hp ignoring all the blocks until the hero dies.

    Cons: U cheater! (also this might turn against YOU if enemy (somehow) manages to block a berry attack with Knight of the Living Dead and both Strongberries are still alive, because the game wi…

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  • Mr. Boss-inator

    This is a concept of the crossword that will be used in my animation about Newspaper Zombie. I wonder if you can solve it :D

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  • Mr. Boss-inator

    My second rap is for NMT! Yay? PS: Music changes depending on a current jam, Ballad part isn't a rap, but actually a ballad :P

    Big Wave Beach Rap

    Shortcuts for character names: MC - MC Zom-B, NZ - Neon Zombie, GZ - Glitter Zombie, BZ - Boombox Zombie, HM - Hair Metal Gargantuar, IP - Impunk

    MC: Hello, my name is MC Zom-B

    I am local rapper, who else could I be?

    I've come to guide you through the Neon Mixtape Tour.

    And if you are bored, I have a cure!

    I'm gonna show you gimmicks, introduce the natives, 

    These dudes, for sure, are very creative

    I'll find you very comfortable pretty flat

    And then we'll eat your brainz... *jam stops* Whoops, shouldn't say that! *jam continues*

    Ok, the gimmick here is pretty tricky

    But I'll explain it better than PvZ Wiki


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  • Mr. Boss-inator

    IMPORTANT NOTE!!!! This list is outdated. Concede Button is fine, Phantom Quests are probably fixed, there are Ranked Battles that might reduce the problem of Matchmaking (plus, then the game gets released the problem will be no more), Final bosses aren't final anymore, though the REAL final bosses might be even worse... Ugh... So for now there's not much left from the list... As the title says, this is 10 most disliked things in PvZH. NOTE: 'this is my opinion, yours might be different, a lot different in fact so please, write your opinion in the comment section.'

    As most of you know, these appear when you refresh a quest you don't want to complete. After reopening the game, guest you've got rid of returns, but gives you no reward whatsoeve…

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  • Mr. Boss-inator

    I decided to come up with rap for each PvZ 2 world and the first world with finished lyrics is BWB, so here you go :D

    Neon Mixtape Tour Rap

    Welcome to a vacation in the Big Wave Beach.

    You've made a right choice, time to cry now, b**ch!

    All special encounters that you hate the most

    Will appear all at once, burning you like a toast!

    We will offer you plants you will never use

    We have so much power that we can abuse

    You'll probably remember this vacation 

    But what do zombies think? Let's ask them on this occasion. 

    (Pompadour zombie): When the tide is changing, I'm proud to say it loud:

    Your plants are literally being washed out!

    (Bikini zombie): There are twice more basic variants meaning twice more power.

    You will look like you've been to a sweaty show…

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