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  • Moonshan2

    I'm officially leaving.

    November 16, 2015 by Moonshan2

    In a life full of worries and terrible things happening around the world, I come here to get away from it all but it doesn't make me feel any better as there are so many people being so horrible and negative..I have to stop coming here...I have tried so hard to spread positivity but now I know that it will never work. Haters are always gonna hate, I can't change that. But what I CAN change is my life and I think that I have to leave this wiki for the greater good, I've realised coming here just saddens me even more and this wikia only has had a negative affect on my life. All those times, when I wasted my time on arguments, it was all so pointless.

    I'm leaving, it's nobody's fault. I shouldn't have joined this wikia in the first place. It's…

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  • Moonshan2

    Hi guys. I have my A-levels coming soon so I am going to be temporarily leaving this Wikia. I will be back in June.

    I know that I am famously known here for causing arguments and defending popcap but what I've really wanted is to spread positivety among people and create a better atmoshere for everyone. I don't like so much negativety and I've always wanted the best for everyone. I don't hate anybody here.

    Miles, Balam, Xenons and Cavia, no hard feelings yeah?

    I will miss you all, TheGolddman, Pnforever, Starfruity, Brainulator, Buzzy buzz, Advent, Thehandsomeplant, Ninja penguins, Retrobrowser, uselessguy, Master3530, Mr bossinator, Dr crzy dave, Lover, crayon, Empeachy, Mordecai, Cowko, there are so many of you. I am sorry if I have missed …

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