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The Chomper Project

Moon Snail February 23, 2013 User blog:Moon Snail

I'm bored, and I need a new challenge, so I decided a good idea: The Chomper Project.

The Chomper Project is where I play every mini-game and survival possible and base the strategies off of the misunderstood Chomper.



Seeing Stars:No.

Bobsled Bonanza:No.

Zombie Nimble Zombie quick:No.

Last Stand: No.

Zombotany 2:No.

Pogo Party:Yes.

AC sunflower:no.

Sunny Day:yes.


Big time:no.

AC wall-nut: no.

Air raid (ohh snap.):no.

High Gravity:no.

Grave Danger:no.

Bungee Blitz:yes.


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