Not winning at Pyramid of Doom? Let me give you a hand!

Pyramid of Doom is the second easiest of the Challenge levels. Sadly, the thing stopping it from being easier than Dead Man's booty is the Graves.

Threats and how to beat them

Buckethead Zombie

Bucketheads can appear very early in the game, making them a threat in every level. They can break through starting defenses.

Explorer Zombie

If you let them, they can put a cork in your bottle of sun production. One Spikerock can't cut it for these things, and they can stop your defenses dead if they get far enough.

Pharaoh Zombie

These are the most powerful of zombies in terms of density. If you're poorly set up, these guys will cause your demise.

Tomb Raiser zombie

These are the biggest threats to this strategy. They summon Graves that stop you from putting down your Spikerocks, and can help out zombies get through your defenses and make breakfast of your grey substance.

How do I counter them?

All of these zombies have the same way of countering them. Use Wall-nuts, Iceberg lettuce and Spikerocks in the first row to the right.

Here's the plants you need

Here's how you do it!

Choose Free Sun or Restore Lawnmower if they're available. Choose whichever you want if they're both available (I choose Lawnmower cuz $$$)

Start by placing a Twin Sunflower down and feeding it. Bust graves while doing so. When the first zombie comes, freeze it and plant a Potato mine in the lane it is on, as close to the sunflowers (Row 3, or 2 if 3 is blocked).

Keep building up sun, and eventually plant a Spikerock on column 4 and a nut on column 3. Fill column 4 with Spikerocks. You still busting graves and planting sunflowers? You are? Good. Fill the first two columns with Twin Sunflowers.

Once the fourth column is willed with Spikerocks, fill the next ones with Spikerocks. Continue busting graves. If a Tomb raiser zombie appears, plant one in the last column in its lane. Continue planting spikerocks and collecting s- Hey, HEY! DON'T LET THAT PLANT FOOD GO TO WASTE! IT'S FLASHING! USE ONE ON YOUR TWIN SUNFLOWERS AND COLLECT IT SO- DAMN IT! WHY DON'T YOU PAY ATTENTION!?

Ignore that little rage earlier, just continue planting Spikerocks and busting graves until the lawn is filled. Not with graves, of course. Who wants graves in their backyard? You do? Crazy little...

Once you're done, your lawn should look like this:

Pyramid of doom 20 MS

While it only says level 20, I have reached 35 (My current record, still going), and possibly beyond.

If it's not working, here's a few tips:

  • Bring Cherry Bomb as the 8th plant if you can.
  • Don't overreact. Keep calm.
  • You can extend the path of Spikerocks by removing Sunflowers.
  • If you think it's too hard to get the sun for Spikerocks, feel absolutely free to use Spikeweeds instead.
  • Don't hesitate to use a Powerup or Plant food.

Hope this works! If you're wondering anything, feel free to ask!